Sunday, October 21, 2007

Muzzleloading Scopes

Muzzleloaders are pretty sweet. I have been hunting with a muzzleloader for about 5 seasons. Over the years I have been in Wisconsin, Maryland and Tennessee. Each of which have slightly different laws regarding when you can use your muzzleloader, whether or not it can have a variable powered scope, a single powered scope or just plain old iron sights.

It is my humble opinion that while any of the choices are fine a nice variable power scope can really make the gun safer and of course more accurate. When I say safer I am assuming that people don't use a scope to make shots that they're not comfortable with or haven't tried with the specific gun, using the specific weight of bullet and powder at whatever range they are planning to take the shot in question. My hunting buddies and I don't take these kind of shots.


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