Sunday, December 9, 2007

Deer are moving again...

I have been hunting a bunch the last two days. Yesterday it was rainy and about 55 degrees and today it sprinkled a bit and the temps reach a whopping 75 degrees. The deer starting moving right at dark but didn't offer a shot during legal shooting hours.

I found a really awesome tree though that offers a great view of a transition where standing corn meets winter wheat. In between the two fields is a pond. The bedding area is a hundred and fifty yards behind the tree. The wind is usually coming from the bedding area, but today it blew in the direction of the bedding area.

I realize that this wind will wreck my chances with some of the deer behind me, but most of the deer enter 200 yards down the corn field and this is what makes this a good spot. Deer travel in both wind directions, I only need turn around in the stand to adjust for the wind.

I will update with the progress.

God Bless,

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