Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dog Gear, Archers Choice Jacket and Pants

I have decided to review some products that I use while hunting. I will do a review every Sunday and list the pros and cons of the product.

Today I will Review the: Mad Dog Gear, Archers Choice Jacket and Pants


  1. This setup is the quietest that I have found for cold weather.
  2. The garments are well made.
  3. They are best suited for temps between 40-60 degrees, though with layering you may be able to use in colder temps.
  4. Realtree AP pattern is the best for my hunting environment in Middle Tennessee.
  5. Did I say these items are quiet?
  6. Reasonably priced.

The Cons:
  1. On the pants, they used a snap as the means of closing them. For a puggy guy like me the snap is a bit annoying. Seems to unsnap when bending. A belt will fix this problem however as the pants come with belt loops.
  2. I wish the outfit would be something that I could wear in 30 below temps. I use Artic Shield coveralls and jacket when it gets really cold, but they seem to be about as loud as a trash bag when you compare them to these numbers.
  3. These items aren't waterproof. If you get them wet you will likely get very cold. However, I haven't found any waterproof jacket/pant combos that were quiet. I would recommend getting a separate suit for rain and use these babies for your everyday hunting.

All in all, this is the set up from bow season to gun season. Late season may be doable too if you live in Tennessee or some other warmer climate. But as far as I am concerned I LOVE THIS ITEM. I recommend them with 5 stars.

You can buy them online at . I paid $69.88 each.

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