Sunday, February 17, 2008

Benelli Nova Shotgun Review

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Today I am going to review the Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun.

Review score: 5/5 stars

Here's what Benelli says about their shotgun:

"Just when everyone thought that the pump action shotgun couldn’t be improved, Benelli unveiled the Nova Pump. Completely original and innovative, the Nova Pump incorporates its polymer stock and lightweight receiver into a single unit for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. Italian styling and high-tech ergonomics, such as distinctive grooves on the pistol grip and fore-end in place of conventional checkering, complement the Nova’s innovative engineering.

With dual-action bars and rotary head locking lugs, the Nova will handle anything from target loads to 3½" magnums. To help dampen the recoil of today’s super-heavy magnum loads, the Nova 12-gauge is specially designed to accept a Benelli recoil reducer.

Available in black, Advantage® Max-4 HD™, Timber HD™ and new Realtree® APG HD™ finishes, and as a youth model or slug gun, the Benelli Nova is the most versatile pump-action shotgun ever made — and just when everyone thought the pump gun couldn’t be improved.

Nova Frame

Benelli’s Nova is truly a 21st Century pump shotgun. In a revolutionary shotgun manufacturing process, corrosion-proof polymer is over-molded on a skeleton framework to form the one-piece receiver and buttstock. The lightweight polymer stock also provides plenty of room for mounting an optional 14 oz. recoil reducer."

"The button on the underside of the fore-end activates a shell stop, allowing the chambered shell to be removed without releasing rounds from the magazine."

"Checkering was fine for old-fashioned wood stocks, but the Nova uses distinctive grooves that give both unmatched gripping surfaces and an unforgettably distinctive look."


OK, let me say that this is a pretty great shotgun. The camouflage covering seems to be very protective... almost like a rubberized coating. As mentioned above the shell stop button is very convenient while carrying the gun around between hunts. It doesn't replace traditional safe handling but adds another safety measure with added convenience. Removing all shells while walking to the truck may be a little too much for some hunters. What if you see something while walking right? Well, carry the shell in your hand and quickly add it to the gun if an opportunity arises. Then you will have your 3 shots loaded and ready to go before the bird gets out of sight.

The Benelli Nova 12 gauge shoots up to 3 1/2" shells and cycles smoothly and with little effort. The pump handle is not loud and sloppy like most other shotguns priced just below this one. The gun is very comfortable to handle and priced in a range that even poor folk like me can afford it with a little saving. Academy Sports has the black matte 20 gauge for $329.99... I believe that I paid about $350 for my 12 gauge, in Realtree APG, at Bass Pro Shop last year.

Unless you have lots of money and just gotta have the semi-auto, this is the shotgun to buy.

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Kris said...

that looks like a great gun...wouldn't mind having one. It is not as expensive as I expected, bearing the benelli name. i'm not sure i like the groove cut in the grip, rather than the checkering, but i think i would have to look at it in a store to see how it looks/feels.

thanks for the review!

Sean said...


Thanks for the post. Give a feel at your local store... I am sure you will like the balance of the gun.

God Bless,


Mike said...

I went to my local sportinggoods shop today set on comming home with a used Browning BPS I had looked at earlier when I noticed the price on the Nova. I was stuck and could not make a decision. I'm glad I decided to come home to think about it. I read some other reviews as well as this one and have decided to go with the Nova. It makes a lot more sense. Thanks Sean.

quietwarz@gmail said...

does this thing rattle alot ?

Anonymous said...

I got my black nova yesterday. Took it in the back yard and really did like the way it shoot. I even talk my neighbor lady to abhor it and when she squeezed few rounds of the 12 gauge she turned and said she was going to get one. I also liked that it was very easy to tear down and clean.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sean, there needs to be somebody to buy it and write a review. People like you are really helpful.
and yes God Bless

steve said...

just bought mine a few days ago and went pheasant hunting and duck hunting the same weekend and i loved this gun. the guy i went with has the benelli super black eagle. we switched off and on the way home we stopped at bass pro shop so he could get one. you can't beat the price