Thursday, August 14, 2008

ScentLok Revisted

Hello all,

It has been a minute since I have posted. I spent my summer loving and enjoying my family and didn't take the time to post. I hope that all have had similar experiences with their families as they are a true blessing in every since of the word.

Fall approaches... I know it sure doesn't seem that way with temps reaching in the 90's everyday, but it is. The bow season starts the last week of September here in Tennessee. And so.... I need to go shoot my bow from now until bow season is over. I have been out a few times this summer but admittedly I don't shoot much when it is hot.

Last year I wrote a post on Scentlok clothing and issued a challenge to them. I requested a free Scentlok suit to trial their product (which would be sent back after the test) and then report an unbiased review of them. As I expected, I never heard a word from them. I can't say that I blame them because I am just a small time blog writer. Why take the chance of getting bad press?

Well, I bit the bullet. I bought the Scentlok suit and face mask. I will be buying the hat and gloves sometime soon. I will try these items as directed and report on them again throughout the bow season. I must admit that I am somewhat skeptical of the suit. On the other hand I have had some very compelling comments on the subject on my previous post. So, I decided to try it and see.

I bought the Savanna EXT deluxe coveralls for $159.95 at Bass Pro Shop. This seemed like the right first purchase. It is lower priced then the jacket and pants together and it is designed for hotter weather. If this works flawlessly then I may consider buying the suit intended for colder temps. This may even last for the entire season here in Tennessee. I will have to see. A full report will be made in October.

If anyone has had any experience with Scentlok clothing please post your comments. I would like to collect as many opinions as I can throughout the year to give a fair accounting of these products.

God Bless,

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