Saturday, September 27, 2008

Versus Country TV

I am excited to inform my readers of something that they may already know about. Versus (VS., a tv station for guys) hosts hunting shows on Friday nights starting at 8 PM on channel 72 (Comcast- Nashville... check your local cable listings for exact channel listing or go to the Versus home page and look for Channel Finder on the left sidebar).

In fact, starting October 2nd VS will be kicking off the "4 Weeks of Whitetails". This hugely popular lineup of whitetail hunting shows airs on Thursday and Friday nights throughout the month of October (10/2-10/24). This is the second time that VS has blocked off it's programing for whitetail only hunting shows. Last years version of this programing was enjoyed so much that VS decided to do it again this year.

Some of the programs you should look out for are: "...The Bucks of Tecomate with Jeff Foxworthy, Winchester Whitetail Revolution, and Winchester World of Whitetail with Larry Weishuhn. As an added bonus, viewers will see: Hank Parker 3D, Winchester Legends, and North American Hunter and many others." For more information visit here.

Versus is no slouch the rest of the time either. If you are like me; you enjoy watching hunting shows. I watch The Outdoor Channel's (TOC) hunting shows with some regularity. I find myself a bit disappointed when GOLD RUSH, ATV and the GUNS AND AMMO or when re-run shows come on. If you watch TOC you know that they dedicate some of their evenings to these subjects. If you dig that sort of stuff have at it... but if you're like me, you are longing for more hunting shows. Especially during the hunting season.

Versus has Friday nights dedicated to hunting and there are other hunting shows on throughout the rest of the week too. For example, this week there are hunting shows on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays too. There are shows that cover everything from duck hunting to elk hunting and everything in between. Follow this link below to see this weeks actual hunting shows.

I am finding myself looking to VS as often as TOC to see who has the better program lineup when I sit down to watch TV. Last night (Saturday 9/28/08) I found that the programing on VS was way better than the programing on TOC. Admittedly, I am more familiar with TOC's programming lineup than VS, but I am sure that that will soon change as I have been watching VS more and more. Take a look for yourself and let me know what your think. You may find that Versus has your new favorite show on tonight.

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