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Tell us about your hunt

Anyone who has a story about a hunt that they would like to tell and/or some pictures of the monster that they were blessed with please email them to me at Additionally, if you have tried a product that you either think is awesome or stinks please email me with your comments.

Of the submitted items only a few will be chosen for a post. Nothing will be posted without being edited where necessary. If you submit anything understand that it may be edited for clarity and content and then posted. No compensation will be extended for any submission whether posted or not.

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Hunting Trips in Bulgaria said...

Hunting in Bulgaria
Let’s define hunting tourism. It’s a type of tourism that is related to the practicing of hunting. If you have not heard of hunting tourism, but you are curious to learn more, we will tell you that the final objective is to capture certain animal species /this is often stipulated in the contract/ and expose them as trophies. Hunting as a type of sport is related to strict laws. You need a series of compulsory licenses before choosing a trip of such kind. Many destinations all over the world offer hunting tourism opportunities. Many lovers of the sport choose hunting safaris in different parts of Africa due to the wide choice of exotic animals in the area.
Hunting is a time-honored tradition in Bulgaria. This is no wonder since the state has an abundance of wild area, vast area of rural beauty, forests, wildlands. No matter whether you are interested in hunting roe deer or partridges, Bulgaria is a hunting paradise where there is place for everyone.
Few countries in Europe can be compared to Bulgaria when it comes to variety and quality of hunting opportunities. Bulgaria has indeed much to offer. It’s a small country with an abundance of forests, wild areas, lakes, rivers and imposing mountains that shelter various wild animals. Since hunting in Bulgaria is the most famous sport for tourists of different nationalities, there are a lot of developed natural reserves where one can enjoy hunting of different animal species.
Bulgaria has a grand tradition of hunting hospitality. A hunting trip to Bulgaria can take us back in time and help us be close to the nature.
Would you dream adventure hunting and shooting throughout the beautiful Pirin Mountain, Stara Planina mountain and Rhodopes?
The geographic features of Bulgaria are particularly suitable for the development of hunting tourism as the adventurous traveller can live close to the wild life and different plant species. Mountainous terrain of Bulgaria, represented by marvelous Pirin and Rhodopes mountain, the great weather condition make Bulgaria ideal for a hunting vacation. Bulgaria has the influence of East and Western Europe, thousands years of history and unique character that make hunting journey a great experience.
Hunting opportunities is such a diverse country as Bulgaria are abundant due to the natural wealth. Bulgaria is one of the most popular hunting countries of Europe owing to the great balance between beauty and serenity, mountain and sea, money and value. Great hunting opportunities in Bulgaria have drawn the attention of hunters from all over the world and this is why various hunting travel packages are available. Do you wish to find yourself with greatest trophies and loads of positive experience? Discover the invaluable beautiful places in Bulgaria, indulge in the cultural heritage of this diverse country and take your wanted trophies!
Hunting Trips in Bulgaria

Fishing Trips: Danube Fishing With Motor Boat said...

Fishing in Bulgaria- go into for a fantastic experience
Fishing tourism is popular all over the world. Fishing was an important aspect of the lives of people who lived thousands of years ago. Nowadays many people dream of holiday on the coast, islands or riverside in order to taste the sweet flavour of the tranquility, admire the breathtaking landscapes and take their fishing rod to enjoy some fishing in the natural surroundings. Even though fishing is some kind of sport that is similar to hunting, it is somehow an essential part of holiday tailoring. Why do people love fishing? Fishing is a targeted and specific part of tourism that is related to need of finding different ways to be close to the nature. We have seen recreational fishers who seek for special experiences, locations and species to find a solution for their passion, stumble across different fish species and splendid natural surroundings.
Why fishing in Bulgaria is all about diversity and passion? Bulgaria is blessed with different water resources: rivers, lakes, streams etc. For instance, the area on the Danube River is particularly suitable for fishing as it offers a variety of fishing opportunities, small rivers and lakes that wait to be explored. The most important areas of interest are the valleys of Danube, the Ossam, the Vit and the Iskur. What’s the difference between fishing and other types of holidays and sports?
Some psychological studies proved that fishing and watching fish may decrease blood pressure, make you feel calm and happy. It’s important to note that fishing in Bulgaria is recreational and commercial. The latter is related to industry of selling fish and pro anglers wish to fish great quantities.
Among the various breathtaking landscapes in Bulgaria, the Black Sea lays its salty, quiet waters to amuse the traveller.
Recreational fishing and sport fishing are fishing for pleasure and competition. Therefore, they abide by strict rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way through which the fish can be caught. The most common form of recreational fishing in Bulgaria is angling and the Danube river is particularly suitable for such type of fishing. The Danube is the longest river in Europe and it flows along the northern border of Bulgaria. You can be accommodated in a comfy villa by the river and spend your morning drinking coffee while admiring the sunrise and then indulge in the serenity whilst fishing interesting species.
Bulgaria is full of various breathtaking landscapes and river valleys where you can shelter yourself and find the magic of the unspoilt countryside while enjoying fishing. Black Sea also offers different sea fishing opportunities that will definitely take you to a whole new world.
We can tailor a holiday to suite your individual requirements targeting one species of fish or a mixture.
A fishing trip can be tailored in accordance with your individual requirements, we can target some species of fish and make a remarkable mixture.

fuck bulgaria said...
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spike said...

I had a tremendous hunt at this year. They had a bad Texas fire but the deer are rutting early and it was awesome. Knocked down a nice trophy with my bow. If you'd like to see the pictures they are on the site in the gallery.

Dream Of Hunting said...

Hunting are forbidden here even hunt a bird are not allowed, I have eve hunt in another island apart from my place...It's amazing to learn that My shot right on the target.

JCunningham said...

Aim small, miss small.

Hey check out these hunting spots: NY Hunting Land for Sale from Land And Camps

Jeff said...

I live in Michigan and feel truly blessed with all the resources Michigan has to offer in the outdoors. I live near Grand Rapids just east in Lowell. The hunting just outside my door is awesome. I also have a place near Traverse City in a little toen called Maple City. I can hunt right out my door there to or what I usually do is hunt the hundreds of thousands of acres owned by Sleeping Bear national lakeshore. There's so much land with great hunting. You hardly ever see another hunter so it's like you have it all to yourself especially during bow season.
I am retired now with a lot of time to hunt. I also started a website selling outdoor gear for hunting, shooting, camping hiking and so much more. I really love the outdoors and it's great I can have a business connected to what I love. Please check it out and thanks.
Jeff M.

Pete TrustSunshine said...

The deer are looking great this year. Got my eye on a couple of Whitetails that are looking real good.

Umesh said...

wow, you have a nice hunting tips , just i read , i like it , Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

How to use the myCampmate app to plan and coordinate your hunting trips

I never hunt with out it!!!

Jordyn said...

I remember the time I got my first big buck. That was a great day when i was young.

Mike Rofter said...

I had a great hunt. I was in Northern Michigan hunting deer with several of my friends. I normally do not like using hunting blinds that are "stuck in one place". I love having the ability to move around quickly in order to get the perfect shot. I used a new product called a Ducks&Bucks 4SeasonCartblind which amazingly has wheels on it and can be set up many different ways. Pretty cool and unique. The point is, at the end of the day, all of my friends were struggling to get a kill while I had taken down my first deer within 2 hours of setting up. I swear the mobility of my blind was what helped me. I was able to re-adjust myself in different areas of our respected hunting land in order to take advantage of every hunting angle available. I see myself using this Ducks&Bucks Blind many times in the future. Needless to say, I rubbed it in my friends face for weeks haha.

Marcell Timothy said...

I hunted with a Barnett crossbow last year and as luck would have it a 220lb 8 point marched right across in front of my stand about 20 yards out. The bolt went clean through and that beauty of a buck went only 200 yards and fell down. Sweet memory :D

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Dennis Shamblin and I have written a new novel titled Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia. This book is a great read and your can get it through Amazon. Nothing works better for attracting deer than peanut butter.

Oleg said...

I recently got a hunting bow so the first hunting trip is just ahead of me.