Monday, January 28, 2008

Squeeky Arrow Rest

Hello all,

During my first year of hunting, a friend named Alex Koritnig set me up in his stand on his leased 80 acres. His stand was a permanent one and it was only about 10 feet off of the ground. It was bow season and the deer were in the rut. In fact, you could say they were in paired groups male and female.

As I sat in the tree stand I noticed deer movement directly to my left. As I slowly looked, I saw a doe being followed by a buck... and another doe being followed by a different buck... and yet another. All of the deer passed within 5 yards of me and never knew that I was there. They were not nervous at all and calmly came in. Two of the three couples went directly to the bait (which was set up about 20 yards away) and began to eat. The other doe feed in the grass directly in front of me and the buck that came in with her stood about 50 yards away staring in the direction of my truck. There were two 8 pointers and a six point among them.

I found it curious that the deer were at peace with one another (does with the bucks and the bucks with the bucks) and that this buck that seemed to be on the lookout was the largest of the bucks. It was super cool having so many deer around me.

As I watched the deer and waited for an opportunity to shoot, I became strangely aware of how close I was to these animals. I felt that any move that I made would send the deer running. I planned my moves carefully and waited about 10 minutes to be sure that the deer were feeling very comfortable before drawing my bow back.

Slowly I began my draw, but as the arrow slide over the felt tips of my Quiktune arrow rest, I heard... s*q*u*e*a*k .... do you know what happened? Take a guess.

If you guessed that every deer in the county ran for the hills, you are right. They ran and I never saw a sign of them the rest of the hunt.

I had drawn my bow before the hunt which was my usual custom and there wasn't even the slightest noise. Somehow, someway the tip squeaked. I don't know why, they just did. I immediately went out shopping for a new arrow rest and then another after that and after that and so on until I found the rest that I now use. The rest I now use is the Quad Ultra Rest. It is about perfect. I is a drop away rest, but it's noise is very muted. People tend to comment on how quiet my bow is when I am shooting.

I can't stand the thought of losing another deer to a squeaky arrow rest. I will be using this rest until someone shows me without a doubt a great reason to change.

God Bless,

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Mike Lurk said...

When I first started hunting I used a TM Hunter similar to the upper photo in your blog. I also had problems with squeaking until replaced the rubber tips with teflon. Problem solved! I know use a Muzzy Drop away, I think it is the best on the market!