Monday, February 4, 2008

Scentlok Clothing Debate

Hello All,

I have not used carbon suits at all because I have, up to this point, not been convinced that they work. There are many carbon suit bashing sites on the net that state: the basic rules of chemistry still apply to carbon suits as it does to all other living and non-living things in our world. They claim that the suits can't be regenerated at temperatures produced by a household drier.

There is an article that was posted in The Star Tribune of Minneapolis
and The Duluth News Tribune

... that claim that there are 4 hunters that have filed a class action suit against Scentlok and its affiliates for false advertising on September 13, 2007.

Now, I haven't heard anymore news on the subject of the lawsuit, although 5 months has passed. I have noticed that Scentlok has a new link on their homepage that produces a video that shows a hunter researching the claims of Scentlok.

I must admit that this information is compelling. They interview several scientist in the area of absorption and demonstrate a test on the absorptive abilities and regeneration of the garment. Assuming that everyone interviewed was telling the truth as they know it, the suit works and will continue to work for whatever its lifespan is. No real indication was given as to how long that would be... it seems to infer that the lifespan would be the lifespan of the garment itself.

Despite the rumors that their garments are a gimmick, I have been tempted to try them over the years. But, why? Because I want so bad to believe that something out there can make me completely disappear to a deers nose. I have resisted the urge thus far largely due to the cost associated with carbon suits. If they don't work... well I don't want to be out $1000.

I wonder if Scentlok would be willing to let me try their products this year and do a follow up review next January. They would need to suit me up head to toe with the Scentlok gear and in return I will guarantee that my review will be absolutely genuine and truthful. I will report on the performance of the products scent reducing capabilities and on the overall garment strength and reliability.

So come on Scentlok here's your chance to prove your point to an unbiased reviewer. I will not except pay for my review and will be glad to return the products after the season is through. What have you got to loose? It's basically free advertising.

I encourage anyone with comments on this subject either for or against carbon suits to post them here. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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Rob KY said...

I used a Scentlok suit for the 1st time this season. I'll never deer hunt without one again. My stands are not very high (12-16 feet) and in past years I was always getting busted unless the wind was perfect. This year I had deer literally coming in beneath my stands and did not get busted once out of about 60 bow hunts, regardless of wind direction. The early bow season was hot in KY with temps 60+. So I would reactivate my suit every other hunt (the recommendation is every 40 hours of hunting). After one hunt I was going back to my truck and was walking down a hill with the wind to my back (in full scentlok including head mask). I stopped to watch a flock of turkey and just before leaving I noticed a little 4 pointer about 75 yards away on the opposite hill. He crossed the ravine and walked right toward me. Again, the wind was blowing my scent right to him. He walked to within 7 yards of me directly down wind, realized I wasn't a tree and stopped. He couldn't smell me so all he did was walk around my left side and angled directly behind me to within 5 yards. Now granted, 11/2 year old bucks are not the smartest thing in the woods but if he had smelled me he would have bolted. Bottom line is I hunted out of the same stands I have in the past and had a lot more shooting opportunities this year because of the Scentlok.

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Sean said...

Thanks for the post Rob KY. Your information is indeed COMPELLING. So the deer basically circled you at between 5-7 yards.

That seems pretty nifty. What is your routine when handling (driving to your hunting property, washing and drying the garments)?

Also, what specific Scentlok clothes do you wear? Do you use any cover sprays? Do shower just before hunting trips?

If anyone else has a story to tell about their Scentlok suits please share them with us.


God Bless,
Sean Porter

Rob KY said...

Sean, I can't find the tags to my Scentlok outfit. Got it at Cabelas - jacket, pants, gloves & hat/mask. It came with a plastic foldable bag to store it in. It's lite weight, but when hunting in 70 deg temps you still sweat. I hunt 2 farms. One is only a 4 minute drive, so I usually wear my pants and leave the other stuff in the bag till I get there. When hunting the other farm (45 min drive) I leave the Scentlok in the bag and put it on when I get there. I don't do anything special like shower before hunting. One hunt last fall I was in a stand about 14 ft high hunting a small wheat/alfalfa patch. I had 3 deer in front of me at 50 yards, one beneath me at 5 yards from my tree, 2 to my right at 23 yards and 1 behind me at 20 yards. With the wind constantly swirling they never winded me and I watched them about 30 minutes as they fed. It's the best hunting investment I've ever made. I do spray Scent-A-Way on my boots. Reactivating every other hunt may be over kill but I was never winded so am sticking with what works.
Passion for Christ.
Passion for the outdoors.

Rob KY

Sean said...


Thanks for the detail. Sounds convincing... I really want to test the suit myself. Your stories seem to confirm their claims.

I really would like more people to post their experiences too. If the products are working for you I would have to assume they are working for others too.

This lawsuit thing may be some bogus attempt at extortion of the Scentlok company. Unfortunately, their are lots of folks who are looking for an easy buck.

God Bless,


Hodgson said...

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Kris said...

I'm with you on wanting to test the scentlock stuff. It would be great if i knew it would work. However, i don't want do drop the price of a gun on clothes, only to find out it doesn't help any more than a $5 bottle of cover scent.

rob, however gives a pretty good recommendation. More good recommendations like that, and i might make the leap!

Sean said...

I am with you on this Kris. I haven't heard a word from the Scentlok people... not that I really expected to.

I hope to budget in a Scentlok suit before next fall. If so, you better believe that I will keep a log of deer sightings or the lack there of.

The Scentlok people claim a guarantee that their clothing works. I am not sure of the details of the guarantee, but you can bet I will be investigating this prior to my purchase.

Thanks Kris for your comment.

God Bless,


Rob KY said...

Hey Sean,

Thought I would add another 2 cents on Scentlok. My taxidermist, who is an addicted bow hunter has used it for a few years and confirmed what I experienced. We were talking about the importance of using the entire suit, particularly the head gear. He was on a hunt in which a small buck was feeding in front of his stand. The buck came in just as he was getting ready to leave. So he watched him for several minutes, then took off his head gear. Within a few seconds of removing the Scentlok mask the deer winded him and bolted. I'm with everyone else, it's not cheap clothing, my jacket, pants, mask & gloves were about $250. Everytime I was in a stand and had deer around me I never once thought about the price. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You guys and your stories... You do know that it is impossible.. Yes impossible to reactivate carbon at home. The carbon needs to be heated to around 800 degrees F. and the oxygen must be removed from the air so that it doesnt support combustion. These folks are theives period! I have owned this stuff and believe me, the luck you are experiencing is because of the added precaution to your scent. Your scent comes mostly from your hair and a glad inside your nose. Its funny how people see these pro hunters use this stuff and they have to have it. These companies are making major money off of making you belive you will fail without it. Wake up people.. People have been shotting trophy buck in arhcery season well before this stuff was ever thought of.... Also the military uses Activated Carbon cloths for checmical suits... And they are one time use only... Why??? because carbon cant be reactivated without the proper equipment... Look up how you reactivate carbon in google...

Sean said...


Thanks for your comment. I have my doubts about the suits too. That's why I bought a ScentLok Savana Coverall suit. I will be trying the suit during bow season and will be reporting back my findings.

I will try the suit showered and unshowered, wearing scent free laundry detergent on the underclothing and not, sitting in a treestand and in a blind on hot and cool days.

I will report the conditions and my experiences. I promise to give an unbiased review. So check back to see the suits progress.

By the way, what gland are you talking about in the nose?


Anonymous said...

I'm 14 and have been bowhunting since I can remember and I rarely and I mean rarely get busted by deer. You don't need to waste your money on scentlok. Keep your clothes clean shower in scent a way soap and spray down with some sort of scent killer. Trust me try it it's all you need.

Anonymous said...

I don't own or use any scent away products and have had luck with deer hunting.
I am a civil engineer and I know that activated carbon is used to remove bad odors and taste from treated water, and the Chemistry would be similar to that of air. Although I can not comment on how effective the carbon would in a hunting situation.

Anonymous said...

Well I look at it this way even if scent LOk works why spend my money on it when I'm filling my deer tag every year and rarely getting busted. I'm more concerned about wearing good camo like asat that breaks up your outline instead of that mossy joke mess that makes u look like a black blob up in your treestand.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, scentlok is on sale on their website as.of may 30, 2013.